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Sessions & Program Packages
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Reiki Healing Services

Energy healing is a multidimensional and holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems. Reiki is a technique that removes blocks, creates balance and restores the natural energy flow within the body. It triggers a relaxation response and the body's ability to generate and improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. This type of treatment compliments traditional medical practices along with many benefits and a positive effect on all forms of illness and negative conditions.  

Learn more about Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing

Reiki Services

Reiki Sessions

60 min session  $100
90 min session  $140
2 hour session $200

Each session is designed to create a feeling of peace and comfort. We begin with a discussion and then move to the massage table, settling into a comfortable and relaxed position. We will typically start with a singing bowl or music with a quick visualization followed by Reiki. At the end of the treatment it's common to feel refreshed and balanced.

Multi-Session Reiki

New Client Package
3 Sessions, $340 (75 min)
3 Sessions, $400 (90 min)

This package is ideal for those looking to jumpstart their overall self-care and healing process. These 3 sessions may be completed over the course of 1-2 months. Distant sessions are available as an option to replace an in-person session. This package is designed to offer new clients an initial discount and the ability to experience the benefits of Reiki through multiple sessions. Paying in full provides not only savings, but gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable for making your time a priority and honors your commitment for healing and restoration. 


Sessions are designed for overall relaxation, balance and restoration. This experience helps to open your senses and connect to your authentic self. Questions, conversation and tracking your goals are included with each session. 

Reiki + Oracle Message

Virtual Session, $120 (60 min)

Have a question about a specific area or looking for guidance? This session is done via Zoom and by using distant Reiki healing. Includes one oracle card message, distant Reiki and a form of meditative guidance during the session.

Reiki, Journaling + Coaching Sessions

Processing difficult experiences, working on new awakened levels, changing old habits and behaviors, and restoring balance can be achieved through methods such as Reiki, journaling, meditation and mindfulness practices. Sessions and programs are created in a way that is customized and tailored to your needs. They are designed to give you a set of tools and exercises you can apply daily to live authentically, track your progress, and support your overall healing journey. 

Reiki, Journaling + Coaching Services

Reiki + Journal Session

Individual Sessions
2 hour session  $210
90 min session $150

Reiki and journaling offer so many wonderful benefits from healing to self-discovery and empowerment. Sessions include a guided meditation, journal exercise, Reiki and discussion. Journal book and materials are provided at first session. Prompts and assignments are also provided. These are individual sessions. For a complete program check out the Journal & Discover option for a 3 month plan. 


Distant sessions are available.

Journal & Discover

3 Month Program, $530

Are you looking to dive deeper into inner work and self-discovery? Reiki along with various activities such as journaling, meditation, and mindfulness practices are extremely helpful and will be part of this wellness integration process. This program includes customized Reiki sessions and coaching over the course of 3 months. A total of 4 sessions are provided. Distant sessions are available as an option to replace an in-person session if needed. With this program, you will recieve:

  • First session, in-person (2 hour)

  • Three in-person sessions (90 min)

  • Journal book with prompts

  • Monthly oracle card message 

  • Monthly assignments, guided meditations, check-in discussions, informative emails with resources and notes


This program is designed to begin with a 3 month plan for healing and discovery and actively using a journaling process. After 3 months, we will do an assessment to determine the plan and/or tune up sessions that best match your needs moving forward.

Restoring Balance

3 Month Program $480

Your body’s energy has a critical impact on life experiences and situations. This is particularly true when you are feeling unbalanced, or "stuck".  When your energy is strong and free flowing, the body and mind is in a positive state of health. But when the energy is stagnate it becomes blocked or weak. This can lead to physical and emotional imbalance that affects areas within your life. This program is designed to identify where energy is stuck or unbalanced, clear blocks and restore balance. Each session may include guided meditations, sound healing and chakra balancing. Program includes:

  • Three in-person Reiki sessions (60 min)

  • One Zoom check-in call (30 min)

  • Monthly oracle card message, journal prompts and informative emails with resources and notes (journal book is not included with this program)

After 3 months, we will do an assessment to determine the plan and/or tune up sessions that best match your needs moving forward.

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Business Professional Alignment

Are you an individual looking to take your life, career and/or business to the next level? Are you looking to find your voice and make changes that elevate you in the most aligned direction? I offer a unique combination of Reiki healing, coaching and mindfulness practices in order to help release energy blocks that could be keeping you from reaching your highest potential. Group sessions are also available here. 

Reiki + Business Professional Coaching

Career Alignment Session

Reiki + Reading + Summary Guide
60 min session and guide $180
90 min session and guide $220
(Mini guide and session available at $155)

This is for anyone looking to expand their career and self-development with complete connection to their authentic self. Individuals within the wellness and energy healing industry, corporate environment, entrepreneurs, and more will benefit from an approach that is designed to find your own authentic voice and inner brand. 

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 Tarot + Healing Guidance 

Tarot can provide wonderful guidance and combining it with Reiki creates overall healing and encouragement. The reading is unique in that it's created as a detailed guide that spans several pages. It includes not only your customized summary but also additional tips and methods based on the intuitive messages that arise for further self-discovery and awareness. It's designed to be a reference guide throughout your healing process. Reiki sessions support the areas in which you'd like to focus on healing and understanding with more clarity. 

Consultative Tarot Services

Consultative Tarot Session

Reiki + Reading + Summary Guide
60 min session and guide $180
90 min session and guide $220
(Mini guide and session available at $155)

These consultative readings include a 60 minute or 90 minute Reiki session, your custom spread and detailed PDF summary guide.

This in-depth summary is designed as a guide that you can refer to often. It includes details regarding not only your area of focus but also ways to help address any blocks or opportunities that are related to your question. It can be used as a tool for deeper healing, self-discovery and awareness. 

My Mission & Approach

My mission is to help you achieve not only your personal goals, but also to live a life of self-empowerment and discovery. 

Reiki, Sound Healing, Journaling and Tarot Guidance

I believe in creating a holistic experience and providing variety. When it comes to self-healing and empowerment, I find one method can be even more powerful when pairing with another. 

My approach is consultative and the services I offer provide a few different options to ensure you get the tools and resources you need to live your best life.

"Heather is a phenomenal healer. She provides a nurturing and caring environment to go deep into communion within. I left my session feeling in complete balance and harmony, light and clear, and in alignment within myself. What she shared with me after my session was also deeply grounding and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you, Heather!"

- Sarrah C.

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