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Reiki Sessions

60 min

90 min



Discount available for first time session

Distant Reiki sessions available upon request.

Reiki + Journaling Session

2 hours


Sessions include guided meditation, journal exercise, Reiki and discussion. Journal book and materials are provided at first session. 

4 Sessions Packages Available 

Reiki + Journal

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“Reiki with Heather really makes a difference. For years, I’ve had many health issues and she’s really been able to calm me down and make me feel like everything’s going to be ok again. Her approach is so relaxing and such a spiritual healing experience for me. I swear she has magic hands! Heather provides a really nice atmosphere and I highly recommend her!”

- Jerri C.

“I’ve scheduled several Reiki sessions at KC Holistic Healing. Heather has treated me each time, and I’m amazed how incredible I feel by the end of my session. I suffer from lower back pain, sciatica and issues with my knees and ankle. When our time is up, I feel completely relaxed and my pain in these areas is reduced considerably. The studio environment also contributes to my relaxation with dim lighting, soothing music, and sweet aromas of essential oils. I highly recommend KC Holistic Healing for anyone looking for natural, alternative methods of healing!”

- Stacy H.