Consultative Tarot Readings
Each reading comes with a detailed summary and photo of the cards in the spread. 

Tarot Reading, Summary Guide + Reiki


This package includes a custom reading, PDF summary and 60 minute in-person Reiki session. 

Tarot Reading 


Distant Reiki 


This package includes a custom reading, PDF summary and 45 minute distant Reiki session. 

How to Prepare for Readings

Your summary will include details of the reading and a photo of the cards. Once you book the reading, please email me:

Your name

Your date of birth (optional)

Your primary question or area of focus 

Email address to send your reading 

My Approach to Readings

I believe tarot can provide wonderful guidance. My mission is to help you live a life of empowerment by using tools and services that provide support and encouragement. 

Pricing is based on the package type and length of session. Each reading and summary is created prior to your session. Once I pull your spread and create the PDF summary guide, it will be sent to your email address. We will review it together during your Reiki session.