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Consultative Tarot Readings
Each reading comes with a detailed summary and photo of the cards in the spread. 

Tarot Reading, Summary Guide + Reiki

$155 - $220

This package includes a custom reading, PDF summary and either a 60 minute or 90 minute  in-person Reiki session.  

Tarot Reading 


Distant Reiki 


This package includes a custom reading, PDF summary and 45 minute distant Reiki session. 

How to Prepare for Readings

Please try to book at least 3-5 days prior to your session. This allows adequate time to prepare your PDF summary in advance. Your summary will include details of the reading and a photo of the cards. Once you book the reading, please email me:

Your name

Your date of birth (optional)

Your primary question or area of focus 

Email address to send your reading 

My Approach to Readings and Summary Guide

I believe tarot can provide wonderful guidance. My mission is to help you live a life of empowerment by finding tools and services for support and encouragement. This reading is unique in that it's created as a detailed guide that spans several pages. It includes not only your custom reading but also additional tips and methods based on the intuitive messages that arise for further self-discovery and awareness. 

Each reading and summary is created prior to your session. Once I pull your spread and create the PDF summary guide (typically 5-7 pages), it will be sent to your email address. We will review it together during your Reiki session.

Note:  The mini guide and session includes a 6o minute session and brief PDF summary of roughly 3 pages. The $180 and $220 option includes a longer, in-depth summary. 

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