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My Story

My passion is working with clients to help them heal, restore their energy, find balance, and reach goals. I feel it's vital to embrace each person's authentic self, support their individuality with compassion and non-judgement, and encourage their innate ability to take charge of their personal growth and well-being.

I love exploring ways to dive deeper within the soul essence.​ I apply a heart-centered practice that creates deep relaxation and clarity, and is designed to support what you need at that very moment. 

My approach is customized by integrating mind/body energy healing, self-awareness and coaching. Considering we all have different needs when it comes to accessing areas of healing (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), it's often that one single approach isn't enough. And for that reason, we can look at treating these areas holistically.

Sessions and programs are designed to support your healing journey and are customized based on self-discovery and individual needs. This includes a personalized and holistic system of energy healing services, coaching programs, Reiki training, and group events. 


Through Reiki, sound healing, guided meditations, coaching and more, I work with clients looking for alternative ways to heal and embrace their truest self.

KC Holistic Healing


Over the years, a demanding marketing career in the corporate environment took a toll on me. My health suffered with migraines, chronic pain from a tailbone injury, and years of managing anxiety that only escalated over time. Having a work-life balance that allowed me to spend time with my family became increasingly difficult and found it hard to dedicate time focusing on things I truly enjoyed such as art, music, nature, and energy healing. 


After several months of knowing I needed to make a change, I no longer resisted what my intuition was guiding me to do. I had to make a major lifestyle change which meant leaving the corporate world to start my own consulting business in 2016. I desired flexibility and freedom in my schedule so that I could work more on my personal healing and overall wellness. That decision lead me deeper into exploring my own healing practice and intuitive gifts. And two amazing women came into my life who helped me get back on track to achieve the much needed balance I creaved. 

I met Megan Hettich one day during a yoga class she was teaching. We struck up a conversation after class about Eastern medicine and alternative ways of healing. From then on, I started seeing her for Qigong and Shiatsu bodywork. The first experience and thereafter was amazing. Megan introduced me to Brandi West for acupuncture which I found worked really well with Qigong and Shiatsu and started a weekly routine.


I implemented a daily practice that quickly provided results in my physical, mental and emotional health. Their friendship and encouragement made a significant impact. They were so inspiring and the experience reminded me of the importance of healing, self-care and how Reiki was such a huge part of my life that was once a priority. Shortly after meeting Megan and Brandi, I started incorporating Reiki as part of my overall wellness plan, lifestyle and daily routine. The benefits of Reiki went beyond my own self-healing as I started giving Reiki to my two daughters, friends, family and pets on a regular basis. 

This time of healing and self-care led to me completing my Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master certification and the opportunity to create KC Holistic Healing in 2019. I went on to receive additional certification in Integrative Shakti Reiki healing and started implementing mindfulness coaching and inner work into my practice. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I love giving Reiki, teaching classes, and helping others achieve their wellness goals. And when you're ready, I'd be delighted to have a session with you!


Heather Larkin, Reiki Master, Coach and Teacher

Heather Larkin is a Holistic Entrepreneur, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Mindset & Development Coach with a passion for helping people achieve health and wellness goals through an approach that addresses healing in all areas (physically, emotionally and spiritually).

She is a certified Reiki Master with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) and Integrative Shakti Reiki II Practitioner through Integrative Wisdom Path. Before moving from Cleveland to Kansas City in 2006, Heather obtained her Reiki II certification in 1999. She received her Usui / Holy Fire® Unity Reiki Master certification in 2019 and in that same year opened KC Holistic Healing in Kansas City, Missouri.


Heather has an extensive background in music as a singer and musician. She attended the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music with a focus in music therapy and theory and received her bachelor’s in marketing and broadcast communication. Her career and expertise in marketing, leadership and coaching provided an opportunity to integrate this into her energy healing work.

After leaving the corporate environment in 2016, Heather started her marketing consulting and contracting business and determined it was imperative she focus on a new path to incorporate self-healing and energy therapy. Her mission at KC Holistic Healing is to apply her training and background in Reiki, music and coaching to each energy healing session. Having used Reiki over the years for herself, and seeing how much it has changed her life, she now uses it to help others looking for alternative ways to heal and help achieve their wellness goals.


Reiki Master & Teacher:  Usui / Holy Fire, ICRT
Integrated Shakti Reiki I, II:  Integrative Wisdom Path
Mystic Shamanism & Radiant Heart Healing:  Integrative Wisdom Path
Coaching:  Certified Life Coach and Niche-oriented Programs 
Sound Healing & Music:  BW Music Conservatory

Meditation, Journeying, Akashic Training  

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