With intuitive guidance and universal lifeforce energy, we’ll use Reiki and other modalities to support your unique soul healing process. 

A Life of Balance



"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."
– Albert Einstein

You Have the Power to Heal from Within

With energy healing and guidance, we’ll look beyond the symptoms.


By using a holistic approach, we’ll focus on the health of the entire body, mind and spirit versus only specific parts of the body or ailment.


KC Holistic Healing's purpose is to help you find and achieve balance. And by using Reiki with inner guidance, every individual can connect to their own energy and healing ability.


Whether your health goal is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or all of these; Reiki will be there to assist you along the way.


Healing & Self-Discovery 

Heather Larkin, Reiki Kansas City

Heather Larkin

Reiki, Intuitive Guidance & Consulting


I’m Heather Larkin, certified Reiki Master, consultant and owner of KC Holistic Healing. Your experience with an optimal healing space is my priority. Our time together is dedicated to exploring a healing approach that considers the mind, body and spirit. Every session is unique as it is designed to give you exactly what you need at that very moment. Through Reiki, sound healing, guided meditations, journaling and more, we will discover alternative ways to heal and find balance.  

"Heather Larkin is an extraordinary woman and gifted healer. She creates a safe, inviting and sacred space for healing and self-exploration to occur. What sets Heather apart from other Reiki practitioners is her hands on approach, which allows for a deep and authentic connection. Heather is professional and grounded, yet has a very playful and lightheartedness air about her. I felt truly heard and understood and left feeling blissful and empowered.


I highly recommend Heather for Reiki as she is the best I’ve experienced. I’m so grateful for her loving, wise and genuine energy. I encourage you to ‘gift’ yourself some time with Heather…you won’t be sorry!"

- B.W.

KC Holistic Healing sessions are available by appointment only.