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Energy Healing + Readings

Combining tarot and oracle messages with Reiki supports overall healing, clarity and encouragement. 

KCHH Tarot Readings
 Tarot + Healing Guidance 

Tarot can provide wonderful guidance and combining it with Reiki creates overall healing, clarity and encouragement. The reading is unique in that it's created as a detailed guide that spans several pages. It includes not only your customized summary but also additional tips and methods for further self-discovery and awareness.  

Consultative Tarot Session

Reiki + Reading + Summary Guide
60 min session and guide $180
90 min session and guide $220

(Mini guide and session available at $155)

These consultative readings include a 60 minute or 90 minute Reiki session, your custom spread and detailed PDF summary guide. The in-depth summary is designed as a guide that you can refer to often. It includes details regarding not only your area of focus but also ways to help address any blocks or opportunities that are related to your question. Many clients use this as a tool for deeper healing, self-discovery and awareness. 

Reiki + Oracle Message

Virtual Session
45 min session $120 

Have a question about a specific area or looking for guidance? Receive your intuitive message and healing session to help with clarity and overall wellness.


The oracle card message and image are sent in advance via email. The message is based on your question which you submit when scheduling. The online healing session will take place over Zoom. 


Online sessions include distant Reiki and a guided meditation or visualization exercise with discussion. 

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