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Achieve personal success and fulfil the business goals you desire.

Brand + Marketing Consulting

I combine my experience from the corporate world and spiritual, health & wellness industry into services designed to help small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Offering Professional Support and Guidance

Can you relate?

Are you an individual looking to take your life, career and/or business to the next level? 


Do you define yourself as a healer, coach, holistic practitioner, therapist, creative, or anywhere in between?


If this resonates with you, let's explore ways to get you where you want to be in life and in your business!

I help make
the leap to marketing easier. 

Going outside your comfort zone to market yourself and your business isn't always easy. I've met many small business owners searching for better ways to manage their brand and marketing tactics, but find it challenging to know what's best for their business. 


In many cases, these are individual practices in which the owner is doing it all - from business operations and management to sales and marketing. Others are going through a  career transition and looking to put their skills into a new or existing business. In both instances, it can easily become overwhelming and difficult to know where to start and what to do next.


Having experienced this myself, my mission is to help people with an approach that is customized and tailored to their needs. 

My Style

I’ve developed a consulting style that combines marketing and entrepreneurial expertise with coaching and spiritual wellness.


If you’re looking for branding and marketing support to grow your business and want to ensure it aligns with your personal goals, I offer guidance and consulting which includes strategic exercises, planning guides and assessments. We’ll look at ways to clear any blocks and utilize customized steps for moving forward in the process. 

Heather Larkin, Kansas City
Your Purpose. Your Passion 

It's so important to remember who you are and what you’re looking to build and accomplish. You are making a significant impact by helping others through your business. Let's be sure everyone knows about it! Marketing is one way to tell your story and showcase your passion. Together, we'll work on finding ways to show customers what you have to offer and how they can benefit, while at the same time staying true to who you are and feeling confident about what you're putting out there. 

Projects + Services

Reviewing Business Goals

Creative Assessment & Development

Brand and Marketing Coaching & Consulting

Brand Assessment

Marketing Planning & Content Strategies

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Additional Services

Reiki Sessions +

Marketing Consulting Pairing

I offer a unique pairing of Reiki sessions with marketing consulting services in order to help release energy blocks that could be keeping you from reaching your highest potential.


It’s normal to feel something has become increasingly difficult or motivation is lacking when running your own business. Taking time to face these challenges, gives you strength. We can tackle the emotional energy blocks together with Reiki.


And let’s face it, running your own business can be stressful too! Reiki is a powerful way to relax and unwind; helping you to better focus, find balance and increase energy to keep up with the daily tasks of managing a business.


Are you ready to take time for yourself and work on your business too? If so, let's review a package that’s right for you.





If you’re only interested in individual Reiki sessions at this time, find more information here.

Client Testimonial

"Heather did a complete re-work of my website to the extent that you can’t even recognize it from the original. What I really appreciated is that she was able to quickly get the feel for the vision I had and then translate that vision into a site that is as functional as it is appealing. It’s also a website that I would have never been able to put together myself. The other thing I like is that since she is also a reiki master and spiritual guide, she has a very keen sense of balance between the business and spiritual world. I highly recommend her and her work.”

- Dave W.

Radiant Moon Healing

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